Rules of the Guest House

We like to welcome to you and hope your stay is enjoyable, not just in our guesthouse but in our country.

1. All rooms will be ready at 12pm.  Check-out time is 10.30 A.M.

2. If you require laundry service, please let us know at reception.

3. The Guest House is NOT responsible for lost property. If you have anything of value, please leave with us in reception.

4. If you are arriving at night or leave early in the morning please try to be as quiet as possible for the guests who may be asleep.

5. Please leave the lights turned off when you leave your room.

6. Please make sure the facets are shut-off in your room.

7. You have the following services available during your stay: Free Wi-Fi, Kitchen facilities, dining room, courtyard, and terrace.

8. Any damage done during your stay to any part of the property will charged directly to your account.

9. Smoking is prohibited in your room, hallways or any other part of the house except on the terrace.

10. We value the environment, and so if you need fresh towels, please leave your used ones on the floor.

11. Cleaning Service is from 9am to 12pm.  After this, please be as tidy as possible.

12. If you use the kitchen, please leave it clean, ie, dishes, fridge, microwave etc.  Please respect food left by others in the fridge and keep everything organized in it´s place.

13. Please do not bring food into your rooms, please use the dining area.

14.  Thank-you so much for your understanding and we wish you a pleasant stay in Ecuador.

15. Welcome to Quito Backpacker Guesthouse