What We Do – Casa Salazar

History of Casa Salazar

This home was constructed around 1900, when construction still had classical elements integrated into the design.  Adobe had been the hallmark of the material used to build homes but around that time brick was introduced into the construction.

At the  beginning the house was divided into several small apartments which were rented out.  The layout was basically a private room with shared bathrooms with common courtyard.  Each apartment was occupied by 1 family and at the time approximately 30 families were living in the house.

The original owner of this property had financial obligations and high debt with the state so he had to sell the house.  That’s when my Dad Colonel Pedro Bolivar Salazar Sosa and my Mom La Sra. Maria Beatriza Jacome Cueva acquired the property.  They divided the house into 3 apartments on each floor and 1 apartment on the Terrace.

My parents had a family of 12 children, of which we all lived at some point with our own families in the house.  After my father passed and the banking crises of 2000, we decided to rent the space for a school called “Mercedes Gonzales”.  Then myself and my wife became residents/owners of the home.  We wanted to invite foreigners to get a flavor for the country and so we opened up the home to tourists.

My family consists of myself Gabriel Salazar, Isabel Nolivos(my wife) Gabriela(my daughter), Felipe Salazar (my son) and our in-house assistants Monica, Luis, Maria de Lourdes and MaryLu.

We look forward to sharing our hospitality with you and hope you enjoy our country.

Warmest Regards,

Gabriel y Isabel Nolivos



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